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  1. Name the 5 (five) D- Day Beaches
    Utah and Omaha (US); Gold, Juno, and Sword (Anglo-Canadian)
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  2. Who commanded the US 82nd Airborne Div for Operation "Market-Garden"?
    General Maxwell Taylor
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  3. What town was the British 1st Airborne Div. tasked to capture during Operation "Market-Garden"?
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  4. What battle front's main impact on the war was to draw carriers away from the Pacific Theater,tipping the scales more in our favor for The Battle of Midway ?
    The Aluetian Campaign caused Japan to make a critical error in use of it's carriers to help protect supply lines and provide air cover.
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  5. The Operations code name for the allied landings on D-Day was?
    Although many people refer to the Allied D-Day landings in Normandy as "Operation Overlord", the operation was actually called "Operation Neptune". The landings were originally known as Overlord, but in September 1943 the codename was changed to Neptune, and Overlord from then on was used to refer to the general Allied strategy in northwestern Europe.
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  6. What was the intended target to be bombed 3 days after the bombing of Hiroshima?
    Kokura, it was shrouded in smog and the target was to be clear so the alternative was Nagasaki and it was bombed instead.
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  7. The 2nd Polish fighting Corps fighting the Battle of Monte Cassino used what animal to move boxes of ammunition?
    A brown bear
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  8. During the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk the Soviet Red Army used what animal to blow up tanks?
    Dogs, they trained them to crawl under the tanks with a bomb strapped to their back and then the bomb was detonated.
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  9. Why did they call it D-Day? Why didn't they call it A, B or C Day?
    The terms D-day and H-hour are used for the day and hour on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated. They designate the day and hour of the operation when the day and hour have not yet been determined, or where secrecy is essential. There is but one D-day and one H-hour for all units participating in a given operation. When used in combination with figures, and plus or minus signs, these terms indicate the point of time preceding or following a specific action. Thus, H?3 means 3 hours before H-hour, and D+3 means 3 days after D-day. H+75 minutes means H-hour plus 1 hour and 15 minutes.
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