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Major General Frank Lowe, U.S.ARMY

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  1. What World War II US-made single-shot partisan's pistol, actually tool longer to load than to produce (7 1/2 seconds)?
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  2. Why does the World war II Japanese 99 LMG shoot 7.7mm Rounds.Instead of 7mm rounds?
    Prior to World War Two the most common ammunition used by Japanese rifles and light machine guns was 6.5 millimeter. I have found no reference to 7 millimeter cartridges or to weapons chambered for them. Below is a partial list of sources for the Type 99 7.7 mm Light Machine Gun.
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  3. Did Adolf Hitler have plans to use chemical weapons against allied troops?
    Chemical Warfare During the First World War chlorine, then phosgene, and then mustard gas were used on the battlefront causing an estimated 1 million casualties. Adolf Hilter was "gassed" in WWI, which may explain why the Germans refrained from using chemical warfare in the Second World War. In 1936 Dr. Gerhart Schrader, a chemist at the German company, I.G. Farben, while searching for chemicals to be used as pesticides, discovered the nerve agent tabun. Tabun is known in the US as GA, for "German" agent "A." Two years later he discovered the nerve gas sarin, known as GB. During the Second World War Germany produced 78,000 tons of chemical warfare agents, Japan produced 8,000 tons, and the U.S. made 146,000 tons. Chemical weapons were stationed by both Germany and the Allies in battle theaters, in case the other side used these weapons first. The deterent strategy worked. After the war much of the chemical weapon stockpile was dumped into the ocean.
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