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  1. What antipersonnel weapon was developed as a result of the human wave attacks used by the North Korean army during the Korean War?
    M18 Claymore
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  2. The Mark IIIA-1 handgrenade weighed how much during the Korea War?
    It weighed about 14 ounces.
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  3. How many rounds did a M3A1 Grease Gun magazine hold used in the Korean War?
    30 rounds.
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  4. What kind of weapon is the M1911A1 used in the Korean War?
    It is a.45 caliber semiautomatic pistol, magazine-fed recoil-operated hand weapon.
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  5. What weapon did the US marines use as a sniper rifle in the Korean War?
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  6. What were the Automatic weapons used in the Korean War?
    Browning Automatic Rifle BAR Japanese WWII submachine guns M3A1 Grease Gun Machine Carbine, 9mm Owen, Mark 1 Machine Carbine, 9mm Sten, Mark 2 PPS43 submachine gun Shpagin PPSh41 submachine gun (burp gun) Thompson Submachine Gun Tokarev Semiautomatic 7.62mm, SVT40 Type 50 Chinese 7.62mm submachine gun
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  7. What type of grenades were used in the Korean War?
    Communist Hand Grenades US Hand Grenades US Rifle-mounted Grenade Launchers US Rifle-mounted Ground Signals
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