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To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.

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  1. What was the greatest limitation of the M60 General Purpose Machine Gun in Vietnam?
    It's greatest limitation was the weight of its cartridge belts, which limited the amount of ammunition that could be carried into the field.
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  2. What missile launcher, was standard issue in Vietnam?
    The Redeye, a short-range shoulder-fired missile launcher, was standard issue.
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  3. What was the most common field support weapon used in Vietnam?
    M19 60mm Mortar. This portable mortar fired as many as 30 rounds of high-explosive, smoke, or illumination rounds per minute. It had an effective range of approximately 45- 2000 yards.
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  4. What machine gun firing linked .223cal M-16 ammo was adopted by the SEALs but rejected by all other branches due to high maintenance requirements?
    The 'Stoner' Machine Gun,brainchild of Eugene Stoner who invented the AR-10/AR-15/M-16 while working for Armalite. It was belt fed disintigrating link firing 800-1000 rpm and could fire from 150round clip on boxes or continuous belt.
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