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  1. What version of the F-4 Phantom was the variant used in Wild Weasel missions?
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  2. How many US helicopters were lost in Vietnam?
    4,865 ($250,000.00 ea.)
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  3. The Huey was what kind of helicopter?
    A Bell UH-1
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  4. The B-52 bombers flew what kind of missions?
    Tens of thousands of low-altitude, high-density bombing sorties in North and South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.
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  5. The F4 Phantom Fighter plane flew what kind of missions?
    Missions to suppress enemy anti-aircraft fire and counter harassment by lethal MiG attack fighters. The Phantom also served as a bomber, delivering conventional or radar-guided payloads to enemy targets that were too well-protected to be hit by lumbering B-52s. F-4s also prepared target areas by dropping loads of radar-reflecting metallic fibers, known as chaff, to scramble enemy radar.
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