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  1. What set apart Japanese pilot Nobu Fujita from the rest of the Japanese pilots?
    He was the only Japanese pilot to bomb the Continental United States.
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  2. In what theater of the war was the first flyable Japanese Zero recovered?
    In the Aluetian Islands,the pilot attempted to land the aircraft near a beach due to reading no oil pressure,the landing gear got caught in some trees and flipped the plane,breaking the pilot's neck but causing minor damage to the aircraft which was found a month later.
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  3. Why did the pilot of the first recovered flyable zero believe his engine had lost oil pressure?
    The surviving member of a PBY he had just shot down was so enraged at being staffed in the water after his plane was shot down he fired back with his service .45 and clipped the tiny oil line that went to the oil gage causing it to read zero pressure.
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  4. What became of the first flyable Zero recovered?
    A student pilot in an American fighter taxied into the mostly wooden aircraft and the propeller ground it to shreds,it was a total loss.
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