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  1. What regiment did Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain command in the Battle of Gettysburg when he saved the Union left by ordering a bayonet charge?
    20th Maine
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  2. What was the largest Civil War battle in Florida?
    The battle of Olutsee
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  3. What was the opening engagement of the Civil War?
    The Bombardment of Fort Sumter
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  4. What battle earned General Grant the nickname of "Unconditional Surrender Grant"?
    The battle of Bloody Hill.
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  5. What are the alternative names of various battles?
    Union- Bull Run, VA Confederate- Manassas 21 July 1861, Union- Wilsons Creek, MO Confederate- Oak Hills 10 Aug 1861, Union- Logan's Cross Roads, KY Confederate- Mill Springs 19 Jan 1862, Union- Pea Ridge, AR Confederate- Elkhorn Tavern 6-8 Mar 1862, Union- Pittsburg Landing, TN Confederate- Shiloh 6-7 Apr 1862, Union- Fair Oaks, VA Confederate- Seven Pines 31 May-1 Jun 1862, Union- Bull Run, VA (2nd) Confederate- Manassas 29-30 Aug 1862, Union- Antietam, MD Confederate- Sharpsburg 17 Sept 1862, Union- Chaplin Hills, KY Confederate- Perryville 8 Oct 1862, Union- Stones River, TN Confederate- Murfreesboro 30 Dec 1862-2 Jan 1863, Union- Elk Creek, Ind. Terr. Confederate- Honey Springs 17 July 1863, Union- Ocean Pond, FL Confederate- Olustee 20 Feb 1864, Union- Sabine Cross Roads, LA Confederate- Mansfield 8 Apr 1864, Union- Opequon Creek, VA Confederate- Winchester 19 Sept 1864
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