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Desert Storm
  1. What US weapon started the Air war in Desert Storm?
    Tommahawk Missiles
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  2. What triggered the US to move into Operation Desert Shield?
    The invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqi Republican Guards mechanized infantry, armor, and tank units.
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  3. What was the UN Resolution 678?
    It was a stipulation and it stated that if Saddam did not remove his troops from Kuwait by Jan 15, 1991 the US-led coalition would drive them out.
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  4. How long did the ground war of Desert Storm last?
    4 days. Feb. 24, 1991 - Feb. 28, 1991
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  5. What was the date of the cease fire in Desert Storm?
    April 11, 1991
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  6. What was the date the Marines were delpoyed to Saudi Arabia after Iraq invaded Kuwait?
    August 2, 1990.
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  7. How many sorties flew per day in Desert Storm?
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  8. The United States entered The Gulf War after a call for protection by what country?
    Saudi Arabia.
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  9. The United States set a deadline, for all Iraq forces to be out of Kuwait. What was the date?
    January 15, 1991
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  10. Several weeks before Baghdad was bombed on January 17th, 1991, U.S. intelligence agents successfully inserted a computer virus into Iraq\'s military computers. It was designed to do what?
    It was designed to disable much of Baghdad\'s air-defense system.
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  11. What weapon being used to clear a large minefield caused an SAS observation post to break radio silence,thinking we had gone nuclear?
    A BLU-82 Fuel/Air Bomb (The Daisy Cutter)which yields .25 kilotons and looks similar to a nuclear explosion when it goes off.
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