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  1. What was unusual in the operation of the World War I "Davis Gun", an aircraft gun invented by US Navy Commander Davis?
    Recoilless gun
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  2. What did the French call their bayonet?
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  3. What was a hand grenade or a bomb called in World War I?
    An egg.
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  4. What was referred to officially as 'No. 5' in WW1?
    The Mills bomb was introduced in May 1915 and became the dominant British grenade for the remainder of the war. Weighing 1.25 lb, the Mills bomb's exterior was serrated so that when it detonated it broke into many fragments: thus, a fragmentation bomb.
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  5. The most famous wartime pistol was?
    The German Luger.
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  6. What kind of gun was the Lewis Gun?
    A machine gun designed in the United States in 1911 by U.S. Army Colonel Isaac Newton Lewis (and based upon an earlier overly-complex design by Samuel McLean), the Lewis gun comprised an early light machine gun widely adopted by British and Empire forces from 1915 onwards.
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  7. What was a 'stick' grenade?
    A grenade, where the fuse was lit when the grenade left the handle (stick) to which it was attached.
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  8. What was a 'cricket ball' grenade?
    A cylindrical grenade, was ignited by striking the grenade like a match before it was promptly dispatched skywards.
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  9. Which grenade was liable to explode prematurely if it came into contact with an object while in the act of being thrown?
    The Mark 1 caused widespread distrust given that it was liable to explode prematurely if it came into contact with an object while in the act of being thrown.
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  10. What were 'jam-tin' bombs?
    They were literally made out of jam tins, each was packed with gun-cotton or dynamite, together with pieces of scrap metal. A length of fuse would project through the top of the tin, with each inch of fuse giving approximately 1.25 seconds delay.
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  11. What weapon,perfected in the US during WWI and produced in quantity was never issued for fear of being copied yet saw much usage in later wars?
    The BAR-Browning Automatic Rifle
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