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Boot Camp - Basic Training
  1. What are the proper titles of those entrusted to train new recruits in each service branch?
    Drill Instructor (DI) for the Marine Corps, Military Training Instructor (MTI) for airmen, Drill Sergeant (DS) for soldiers, Recruit Division Commander (RDC) for sailors, and Company Commanders (CC) for the Coast Guardsmen.
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  2. What's the basic pay of a recruit?
    As of January 2004, the basic pay for a military recruit (before taxes and allotments) is $1104.00 per month.
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  3. How many recruits entering the military today have a high school diploma?
    Ninety-five percent have high school diplomas, versus 79% of the US national work force.
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  4. Where is Marine boot camp?
    MCRD Parris Island, SC and MCRD San Diego, CA. Parris Island trains male and female recruits, while San Diego is male only.
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  5. Where is Army boot camp?
    Where Army recruits attend basic training is dependent on the location of their follow-on Advanced Individual Training (AIT). In general, recruits are sent to: Fort Jackson, SC; Fort Benning, GA; Fort Knox, KY; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; Fort McClellan, AL; and Fort Sill, OK.
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  6. Where is Air Force boot camp?
    Lackland Air Force Base, near San Antonio, TX.
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  7. Where is Navy boot camp?
    Recruit Training Center Great Lakes, IL, outside of Chicago.
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  8. Where is Coast Guard boot camp?
    Coast Guard Training Center Cape May, NJ
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  9. Where do those who train recruits come from?
    All DIs, Drill Sergeants, RDCs, CCs and MTIs are volunteers, as it is a TEMPORARY JOB and not a CAREER. The average basic military training instructor has between five to 10 years of active duty experience and comes from paygrades E-5 and above. Contrary to the movies, recruit instructors aren't cold-hearted, raving maniacs -- they're professionals who have deep pride in their service branch and convey that to their charges. They are the best of the enlisted force. Volunteers for recruit instructor duty are screened for future job aptitude, time management skills, motivation, leadership ability, previous job performance; recommendations and endorsements from their previous command, and physical stamina -- a few even hold college degrees. Most take on the duty as a challenge to better themselves as leaders, while others look to the promotion opportunities it brings when they leave the drill field. All instructor candidates must also go through the rigors of the training ! course -- and it's tough. It's like going through boot camp again, except this time they'll be running it. Instructors must learn every detail of their service's recruit training outline, the goals they must set for themselves and their recruits; and pull from their own experiences before they're put in charge of their first batch of raw recruits.
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  10. Why is there recruit training?
    Simply put, recruit training (or "boot camp" or "basic training" if you like) is designed to transition civilians into basic soldiers, airmen, sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen. It's a tough job trying to get 80 or so INDIVIDUALS from different social, economic and ethnic backgrounds to think, act and work TOGETHER as ONE UNIT -- and top place the UNIT above one's self. Recruits have a lot to accomplish during their short time in basic training: service history, basic weapons indoctrination and qualification; close-order drill, customs and courtesies; military law, physical fitness, pay and benefits briefings; haircuts -- and a host of other items graduating and joining the ranks of their chosen service.
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  11. How long is Navy boot camp and where is it at?
    Navy boot camp for men and women lasts about eight weeks. Naval Training Center (NTC) Great Lakes is home to the US Navy\'s only Recruit Training Command (RTC). It\'s the largest military installation in Illinois and the largest training center in the Navy. The base includes 1,153 buildings on 1,628 acres and uses 50 miles of roadway to provide access to the Center\'s facilities. Great Lakes has been turning civilians into seamen and seamen into sailors for more than 80 years. From NTC\'s founding in 1911, it has maintained its position as the Navy\'s largest training facility. From World War I through today it has trained and sent to the fleet more than two million new sailors through its Recruit Training Command and nearly an equal number from its technical schools. Approximately 50,000 recruits pass through RTC Great Lakes annually with an estimated 15,000 recruits onboard the installation at any time.
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