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Civil War
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  1. Who was the first officer of the Army of the Potomach to capture enemy colors?
    George Armstrong Custer
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  2. Who was the first Aeronaut in the Civil war,flying the first observation ballon ?
    Thaddeus S. C. Lowe
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  3. What was the military issue of enlisted underwear made from?
    Cotton and wool
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  4. What is a haversack?
    A cloth bag with shoulder strap used to carry food rations by the confederates and it lacked waterproofing
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  5. What type of sleeping protection was issued to infantrymen?
    A shelter half. Half of a tent meant to meet up with another man with half a tent. Odd man out. The men used their weapons as tent poles.
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  6. How many trunks of personal belongings where junior officers allowed?
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  7. How where trunks of officers personal belongings transported?
    They were transported in baggage wagons.
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  8. What was the weight of gear that a soldier carried?
    30 to 40 pounds
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  9. Why were the Rebels sometimes called Butternuts?
    Because the dye in their gray uniforms turned a butternut color when exposed to the sun.
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  10. What did the soldiers use to make a corn shredder?
    An empty sardine can
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  11. What illnes did the organizer of the Iron Brigade, Rufus King suffer from?
    He suffered from occasional attacks of epilepsy.
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  12. Who was the Confederate Brig. Gen. nicknamed
    General James "Old One Wing" Martin, so named after he lost his right arm in the Mexican War, complains of sickness among the men of his North Carolina brigade.
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  13. Who was the Confederate chief of artillery that was said to utter this prayer after firing his cannons at the enemy:
    Episcopal priest William N. Pendleton exchanged his robe for a gray uniform and at age 51 became a captain in the Rockbridge Artillery. Quickly promoted, he became chief of Artillery on the staff of Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston. He was so proud of his four 6-pounder brass smoothbore cannon, he named them Matthew, Mark, Luke , and John, claiming they " spoke a powerful language." On March 26, 1862, he was named Brigadier General in charge of Robert E. Lee's artillery. After the war, he returned to Grace Church in Lexington. His fighting men swore that when he signalled for a cannon to be fired, he bowed his head, and said this prayer: "Lord, preserve the soul while I destroy the body."
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  14. Who was the only Confederate officer to jump four ranks from Captain to Brig. Gen.?
    A captain by 1856, Meade moved on the following year to take over the Great Lakes survey, which he directed with extreme efficiency until 1861. Soon after the first guns sounded in the Civil War he received an appointment as brigadier general of volunteers. Within a few years he found himself in command of Union forces at Gettysburg.
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