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National Guard
  1. When did the National Guard become a reserve component of the US Army?
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  2. Are National Guard Units under State or Federal control?
    They are under the control of both State and Federal authority.
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  3. How much fuel does one fuel cell carry on a Boeing KC-135 ?
    7 tons of fuel
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  4. How many automobile tires would you be able to make from the landing gear tires of a KC-135 jet-tanker transport plane? 8 main gear wheels and 2 nose wheels
    100 tires
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  5. During aerial refueling at 600 miles per hour, the boom operator is how many feet above the nose of a Boeing B-52 bomber?
    20 feet
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  6. What Act proclaimed that all states rename their militia the National Guard?
    The National Defense Act of 1916
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  7. How many National Guardsmen were mobilized for Korea?
    More than 138,000
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  8. How many National Guardsmen were called to serve in Desert Storm?
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  9. What role are the National Guard playing during the current war?
    More than 50,000 Guardsmen were called up to protect the US and fight terrorism abroad.
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  10. What is the National Guards dual mission?
    Provide the states with units trained and equipped to protect life and property and providing the nation with units ready to defend the US and its interests around the world.
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  11. The Air National Guard was established as a separate component of the Air Force in what year?
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  12. When were women authorized to be enlisted or appointed other than nurses to the Air National Guard?
    November 8, 1967
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  13. Who was the first woman to join the Air National Guard ?
    Capt. Norma Parsons Erb - A nurse, joined the NY Air National Guard
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  14. When did the first woman join the Air National Guard?
    October of 1956
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  15. What is the motto of the 129th Rescue Wing?
    "That Others May Live".
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  16. Where is technical training provided for the Air National Guard?
    The Air Force and it may qualify for credits toward an Associate degree.
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  17. The 144th Fighter Wing's mission is to provide what?
    To provide air defense protection for California from the Mexican border to Ukiah utilizing the F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighter aircraft. The 144th also responds to state emergencies when requested by the Governor of California.
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  18. The defense officers that will man the base at Camp Denali were trained and will graduate from were?
    The Ground -based Midcourse Defense Center Advanced Course in Colorado.
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  19. In 1941, the Iowa National Guard Pilots of the 124th patrolled the Gulf of Mexico, searching for what?
    German submarines
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  20. What is the National Guard?
    The National Guard is the organized militia reserved to the states by the Constitution of the United States under Article 1, Section 8. In peacetime, the National Guard is commanded by the governor of each respective state or territory.
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