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  1. What World War I British multi-role Avro bi-plane was made in greater numbers than any other aircraft prior to World War II?
    Avro 504 series
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  2. What World War I American flying unit had more air victories than any other American unit?
    94th Aero Sqaudron.
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  3. What was significant about the Austro-Hungarian Aviatik B-1 aircraft, shot down 5 Oct 1914?
    First aircraft shot down in aerial combat
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  4. What country produced the most aircraft in World War I?
    France, 67,987.
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  5. What country lost the most aircraft in World War I?
    France 52,640.
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  6. What was the name of the ace in World War I with the most victories?
    Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen
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  7. Where did the Sopwith 'Camel' get it's name?
    Instead of leaving the Twin Vicker Machine Guns exposed.they were covered by cowling,possibly for aerodynamics making a 'hump' that garnered the name 'Camel'.
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